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Qualed™ delivers high quality led lighting and related products to the European market. We acquired the exclusive rights for the European market to continue distribution of products formerly sold by Verbatim Europe. Our strategy is to focus on the most popular types of led lamps which already have proven themselves in the European Market. We like to work with partners in different countries to bring our products to clients in the most efficient way.

In addition we like to invest in development and improvement. We have the ambition to surprise our clients with new functionality and improved performance or behaviour. Therefor we work close together with designers and manufacturers.

April 2020 - Update AR111 Dim2Warm

We finished the engineering of the AR111 Dim2Warm. A high quality product with an excellent linear dimming curve. Clients are very enthusiastic about the dimming behaviour and the specifications of the lamp. This lamp will be available after the holiday period in 2700K, 12°, 25° and 40°.


The dimmable Qualed™ AR111 spot, with its perfect-fit design, replaces almost all lighting with a G53 lamp base and is available in 12, 25 and 40 degrees and in the colors 2700K and 3000K.



The Qualed™ AR70 spot, with its perfect-fit design, replaces almost all lighting with a B15D lamp base and is available in 25 degrees and color 2700K.


AR111 Dim2Warm

The Qualed™ AR111 Dim2Warm spot, with its perfect-fit design, replaces almost all lighting with a G53 lamp base and is available in 12, 25 and 40 degrees. The color range is adjustable from around 2700K down to 1800K to create the atmosphere that is desired at that moment.


High CRI GU10 spot

The Qualed™ High CRI GU10 spot is a perfect PAR16 spot that achieves the highest quality in light image. The spot is available in 35 degrees and various wattages and colors, namely 2700K and 3000K.


Surface-mounted ceiling luminaire

The Qualed™ surface-mounted ceiling luminaire is a very beautiful surface-mounted luminaire that is available in various diameters and light colors and can be used both directly and indirectly. In addition, the Dali luminaire can be controlled and optionally provided with a pendant.



The Qualed™ transformer is a very nice universal transformer from 0-70 W which, in combination with the dimming installation, guarantees an excellent dimming effect.


LED Panels

The Qualed™ led panels are high quality led panels with a perfect combination of power and lumen. They are available in 600x600mm and 300x1200mm, both in 3000K and 4000K. A standard driver is included (optional available with Dali driver). Accessories like surface mounted frames or suspension kits are also available.


Recessed Downlights

The Qualed™ Recessed Downlights are a perfect energy saving alternative to the CFL downlights. They are available in white with diameters 104mm, 135mm, 183mm or 235mm, all in 3000K and 4000K. A standard driver is included. Dimmable and flicker-free.



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